Xtra Fox News

I personally know Sandra,and I love her dearly. what a story she has ,beautiful inside as well as out, the best part she is healthy today thank you for healing. Univera's products were recently featured in a Fox 10 News segment in Phoenix, Ariz. ... [Continue Reading]

2×2 Simple To Do

2x2 is a simple formula for a healthy life. All it takes to get started with Univera is two products, two times a day to support and promote healthy energy, healthy metabolism, healthy weight, and healthy skin. Aloe Select™ Promotes immune and ... [Continue Reading]

The Science Of Discovery

Delivering vitality from the inside out. A leader in the natural products industry, we apply pharmaceutical standards to botanical product development with: Full-scale genomics, proteomics, biochemical, biological and proton NMR capabilities The ... [Continue Reading]

The Power of Aloe

Private Reserve Enhanced Bioactive Power for Immune and Digestive Health What Your Body Needs: Scientists attribute the powerful immune function, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and skin health benefits of Aloe to naturally-occurring ... [Continue Reading]

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Corporate Calls

Univera offers a range of support and training conference calls to help you grow your Univera business and gain confidence in your role as a Univera Independent Associate. Conference Call Schedule Weekly Calls Ask Stephen Hosted by: Stephen ... [Continue Reading]

The Business of the 21st Century

Robert Kiyosaki Why Relationship Marketing Is Right for You Explains the revolutionary business of network marketing in context of what makes any business a success in any economic situation. This video lends credibility to multilevel marketing ... [Continue Reading]